Error description:

(Connection to the remote computer couldn't be established, so the port used for this connection was closed)


• line problem (Internet service is not activated correctly or not registered on this line )

• Line is hotline or suspended

• Security program blocking the connection

• You are not administrator on this PC (not authorized to connect from this PC)

• Wrong software configuration (APN / username )

• Coverage problem

• Windows Problem

• Other problem (Contact your IT or Vodafone Customer support )


Step1: Make sure that the line is active and there is no hotline or suspension.

Step2: Check APN & user name & password setting from dashboard

Step3: Change the location (Room, Building, etc ...)

Step4: From manage device in the USB software Set data card as default device.

Step5: Try to establish a connection with only "3G" or "GPRS"

Step6: Disable antivirus & firewall and any other connection (Bluetooth, infrared, etc) that might be running.

Step7: Test the device on another computer if possible.

Step8: Try to remove the software and install it again.